Little Harbour

I grew up by and near the sea.  I don’t think I could bear to be far away from it.  To know that it is near is a comfort, and echo that has resonated my whole life. I was lucky to live for a number of years in a house in a little harbour. Each morning we awoke to different sounds.  Sometimes crashing waves, howling winds, screaching gulls, and others to gently lapping waves and cool breezes. The sea is very much in my soul.

I have spent many mornings and afternoons walking beaches and collecting seashells, camera and collecting bag in hand.  It’s only when you stop to look that you realise what beauty lies in the sand beneath your feet.  Each beach I visit offers some new little treasures.  These I gather and store.  It is these seashells that you will find in my seashell necklaces, found from beaches in Ireland and from my travels.