Make a wish Inspiration

Each spring and early summer, I’m wowed by the appearance of meadows full of dandelions.  It seems that they pop up out of no-where.  Before long thousands of dandelion heads are shivering in the breeze. I find them so inspiring.  They appear ordinary and many people dismiss them as weeds. But pick one up and marvel at the perfect and beautiful symmetry of the dandelion seed clock.

Dandelions have been used in food and medicine for many years.  Woven into a wedding bouquet, they symbolise good luck for the newly married couple. They are also symbols of summer, hope and child hood.  How many of us have wonderful memories of blowing the dandelion clocks and making wishes!

So choose from one of my dandelion necklaces, earrings or bracelets and send the gift of a wish to someone special.