Teardrop Dandelion Seed Necklace


Teardrop Dandelion Seed Necklace


Dandelion seed necklace with hollow teardrop glass bead.

This beautiful and delicate dandelion seed necklace features a hollow hand blown glass bead, filled with dandelion seeds collected from the meadows in summer. The glass bead is teardrop in shape. The dandelion seeds were collected in the fields around the beautiful Battle of the Boyne Heritage site in County Meath Ireland, which is a few minutes away from where I live. A lovely pearl bead tops the glass bead.

This would also make a fabulous present or gift for either a bride or bridesmaids, or for a nature lover with a whimsical side! A really nostalgic gift to remind someone of childhood summers, blowing dandelion seeds and making wishes!

The glass bead is hung from a pretty silver plated chain measuring approx 18 inches in total, so would hang 9 inches in length. The glass bead is a little over 1 inch in length. If you would like a longer or shorter chain length, please let me know.

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